CI is an Italian reality dedicated to plein air tourism. 

This historic brand in the motorcaravan landscape offers the best choice of value for quality, reliability and service.


CI Kyros van vacanze al mare

A van for everyone.

CI offers a wide selection of models that can meet any customer’s needs. The offer of models, organized in three ranges, is able to meet the customer’s different and growing needs with a product differentiated by style and features.

Van CI Kyros furgonato allestito per le vacanze

A van always in step with the times.

Our constant technological innovation in production processes combined with continuous renewal of the product with cutting-edge technical-constructive solutions, allow us to offer a product of the highest quality that can last over time. CI responds to the needs of life in the open air with solutions that make the stay on board pleasant. These include thermal and acoustic insulation and resistant and beautiful materials such as acrylic stone and HPL laminates.

Van CI Kyros dinette furgonato

A van that is easy to live in.

Solutions that meet daily needs and allow you to experience every space with maximum comfort and practicality. The environments are transformed by simple gestures to adapt to the different needs of the moment. All the areas offer solutions down to the details that can improve life on board. Transformable garage volumes suit any type of use, with retractable or removable beds and open space in the living area.


The CI product

CI  works day after day to improve its products and services, making quality its priority so that the price of the product is reflected in its genuine value.

CI offers numerous customisations able to meet the needs of any customer.


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